This free web tool is a quick and easy way to remove items from images.jpg
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This free web tool is a quick and easy way to remove items from images
If your Photoshop skills are not sharp, try

Ever needed to quickly edit something or someone out of a photo?

Maybe it’s a stranger who wandered around in your family photo or a stand that uplifted your last school artwork? No matter what the job, if you do not have the time or the skills of Photoshop needed to edit something yourself, why not try – a useful web tool that does what it promises in a URL.

Just upload your photo, paint over the item you want to be removed with a brush tool, and hey presto: new photo. The results have not reached professional standards, especially if the image is too busy or complicated, but it is surprisingly good. The tool is also very fun to play with. You can check out some examples in the gallery below:

Cleaning the images seems to come from the same group that created an exciting demo of augmented reality that allows you to “copy and paste” real, and open source (you can find the source code here). Obviously, tools of this type have long been available, ranging from at least until the introduction of Photoshop’s Clone Stamp tool, but the quality of these automated systems has grown significantly in recent years thanks to AI.

Electronic learning systems are now not only better at the problem of separation (marking the difference between an object and a background) but also painting, or filling new content. Just last week, Google unveiled its new Pixel 6 tools with the same feature as “Magic Eraser,” but show how this feature has become a commodity.

I think my favorite use of this tool, however, is this beautiful series of pictures that take people away from Edward Hopper’s paintings:

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