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Following these steps will guide you in creating a logo for your brand for free, You’ll be able to make logos using just your browser let’s get started.


Go to the logo making website by clicking here

Click new And then click yes, So now we have a blank page where we can start creating your logo


To make the icon of your logo, we have different categories to pick and create our logo

  1. Click add symbol and you’ll find different icons and it’s categories
  2. Choose a category that relates to your brand as soon as you click it, it’ll be added to your page

To make your icon unique

3. To change the color of the icon all you have to do is to just click on the place where you want to change the color. And then click it And change the color to your preferred choice.

4. Now you can customize your icon, by adding  another icon and then place it inside the icon to make your icon more unique

By doing this you’ve successfully created your icon so lets go to the next step


The third step  is to add your brand name to your logo

  1. So to add your brand name just click Add text and this text will be added, Now to enter your brand name just select the text and then enter your own text, like your brand name, you can also add your tagline so to add a tagline just click add text again and then enter your tagline now you can change the sizeBy dragging the top edge,

2. You can also change the text color: Just click the text just like we did before and you can make your brand name more unique by changing the font to make it more attractive, you need to be more creative to make your own brand.

So now by doing this you have successfully created the logo for your brand So let’s go to the final step


The final step is to download the logo to our computer

You can actually preview your logo before downloading it, to see how it look like on different material

1. To download the logo you Just created: click save and download, And then enter your email and click save and continue now the logo will be sent to your email

2. To get your logo:  go to your inbox and then open the mail you have received you would see an attachment, download the file and open it, and we got our logo in different formats so this is how you can download your logo to your computer

Now you have successfully created your brand logo. You can use your logo anywhere you want, if you would like to use your logo on different backgrounds, Make sure you use the PNG file: the PNG file will give you a transparent background for your logo.

3. Next if you want to edit your logo in the future: Just go back to the logo maker site And you’ll find your link now you can visit this link anytime to continue editing your logo if you need to.


So this is how to successfully design a free logo for your brand, if you are able to create one using this methodology, do well to drop a comment okay.

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