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Google’s Stadia cloud game service is still coming up with new ways to attract players and is finally trying out the one we’ve proposed for years: free trial games for all games, to see if it’s yours. As 9to5Google reports, you can now switch to Stadia, sign in with your Google Account, and play a free 30-minute Hello Engineer trial by following this link and scrolling down the “Free Trial” button you see below…

Attorney Stadia tells The Verge this is a Google experiment that we are using in the next few months, and we will get to other selected topics in the coming weeks. It won’t always be 30 minutes, and you may not see games like everyone else, though.

Google has this dedicated web page for some free trials that may offer you in the future, though you will only find Hello Engineer there right now. Google has previously tried limited demos.

In fact, it is not as clear-cut as it would have been. You still have to sign in with that Google account (even if you’re already signed in to your Google account for Gmail, Drive, etc.), you still have to click the health and security screen, and another screen to confirm access, and then wait a bit for the game to upload. We are not yet in the magic of “click an ad to get a game to play that game” yet.
But it is a step in the right direction, especially if this becomes a common feature of the Stadia series. And why not? From the point of view of the game developer or publisher, no work is required to create a demo and the fact that the cloud game should reduce any privacy concerns. When Gaikai came to the cloud arena a decade ago, he showed off his idea of ​​a game-advertising-can-play game from scratch.

If you enjoy Hello Engineer, you can buy it for $ 19.99 at Stadia, or sign up for a Stadia Pro subscription that includes it for free. Other completely free options in Stadia include Destiny 2 and Super Bomberman R Online, so you don’t have to wonder if cloud gaming technology really works for you: you can just try it now with three different games, no strings attached, to get it.

Don’t expect Google to put its full weight behind Stadia. I wrote that Google appeared to be very interested in its white-label capabilities in February, and last week we learned how AT&T has taken Google offer with its free trial of Batman: Arkham Knight.

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