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Elon Musk is unhappy that fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos continues to sue for stopping SpaceX projects, and shared a message from Amazon founder during the 2021 Code Summit on Tuesday: “you can’t claim your way to the Moon, anyway. Your lawyers are great. “

Musk was responding to a question from journalist Kara Swisher about how Bezos’s space company, Blue Origin, had recently sued to terminate a contract NASA offered SpaceX to upgrade the moon cleaner. Amazon also protested against SpaceX’s Starlink internet satellites and the Federal Communications Commission.

Swisher asked Musk on Tuesday if he had spoken to Bezos about legal battles. “Not by word of mouth, just … subtweets,” Musk said. (In August, Musk wrote on Twitter: “It turns out that Besos [sic] has retired to pursue a full-time job of filing charges against SpaceX …”)

Musk was not all vinegar in regards to his multi-billion-dollar space race team. When Swisher asked him about the aircraft owned by Bezos and Richard Branson that they recently took over with their companies, Musk said he “thought it was good that they were spending money on improving the area.” But, he was sure to point out, “the suborbital [just] is a step towards orbit.

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